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About the Artist

 Charles (Chuck) Howard Brittenham, Jr. is a California native and graduate of the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design and has been a respected graphic designer and technology innovator in the Los Angeles commercial art community for the last 30 years. He started his professional career designing album covers for Lawrence Welk and movie posters for MGM in the early 1970s and expanded his studio into one of the largest graphic design firms in the Los Angeles area by the early 1990s. Chuck continues to be a sought after marketing design consultant today.

Chuck on location at the
Grand Tetons National Park

Recognizing Chuck's fine art abilities at an early age, his 2nd grade teacher predicted he would be an artist, a sentiment echoed by all his teachers through high school where he swept first place honors for all four fine art media groups his senior year. Once in college, Chuck was also getting high marks from his world renowned professors like fine art teacher, Lorser Feitelson.

Chuck's photography interest also started at a very early age, setting up his first darkroom and printing his first pictures at the age of 11. This discipline helped Chuck develop color photo comp layouts for his design business in 1977 which allowed clients to see exactly what they were going to get, a precursor to the WYSIWYG (pronounced "wiz-ee-wig") computer software we take for granted today. Chuck's photography skills were further enhanced by learning lithography and experimenting with his own custom, hand applied color photo emulsions on archival substrates that were contact printed using large fine-line litho negatives. He also shared studio space for 18 years with his photography mentor and good friend Gene Howard from the famed Garrett/Howard "Studio Five" photography studio to the Hollywood stars. Chuck has won awards for the photos from his LA historical Victorian homes series that combined black and white and sepia tone images on one photographic print.

Today Chuck spends a lot of his free time doing flower and nature digital photography and experimenting with the imagery in his digital darkroom to create fine art prints. He has been seen with his camera roaming the rose gardens at Kew Gardens in London, Buchard Gardens in Victoria, and the botanical gardens around Southern California.

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